Transport Sector Public Relations Department

The Transport Sectors Public Relations Department is responsible for:

Providing information to the relevant services of the Ministry and public legal entities under its supervision on issues, which fall within their remit and concern Greeces relations with the European Union and the other international organizations in the field of transport, as well as the coordination of necessary actions for monitoring, handling and defining the countrys position on transport issues, in cooperation with the competent departments in each case.

Following, handling and participating in meetings abroad on transport issues in the context of the European Union, the European Conference of Transport Ministers, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and other international events in the field of transport, such as Pan-European Conferences, the G 24 (Christophersen Group), Inter-Balkan and bilateral meetings, etc. in cooperation wit the relevant services of the Ministry and public sector legal entities under its supervision.

Preparing ministerial sessions and individual meetings of all the abovementioned organizations and forums and participation in same, by compiling the necessary files on all current transport issues.

Drafting information notes, as well as periodical information sheets on Greeces international cooperation with other countries in the field of transport.

Cooperating and coordinating at inter-ministerial level all transport issues for which other ministries are jointly responsible, participation at inter-ministerial meetings, etc.

Handling and monitoring the funding of Trans-European Transport Networks, Trans-European Transport Areas (PETRA), as well as those of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

Supervising the harmonization of Greek legislation with Community law in the field of transport by relevant services and keeping a complete file with all EU Directives and Regulations.

Organizing meetings and events related to the above activities.