Passenger Transport

The Passenger Transport Directorate is responsible for road passenger transport and includes two (2) departments: 
1)Urban Transportation Department 
2)Intercity Transportation Department

1.The Urban Transportation Department is responsible for: 
a) all issues relating to urban transportation in the Greater Athens region (buses, trolleys, tramway, urban train, metro) and Thessaloniki, as well as urban transportation in the other parts of Greece by buses run by KTEL SA or KTEL, RODA in Rhodes and DEAS in Kos, under law 2963/2001 (A268); 
b) all issues relating to public passenger cars -PPCs (taxis, booked vehicles) which operate in conformity with law 3109/2003, private buses, private cars, as well as the issuing of vehicle licences, plates, etc.

You will find detailed information and relevant forms on all administrative procedures falling under the Passenger Transport Directorates responsibility (vehicle, licences, professional licences, immobility, final de-registration of vehicles, etc.) in the CITIZENS GUIDE section

Below you will find links to all urban transportation organizations


Blue Buses


Urban Train

Attico Metro


Thessaloniki Urban Transportation

Urban Transportation of provincial cities

2.The Intercity Transportation Department is responsible for:
Issues related to the access to the profession of road passenger carrier (national or international transport), in accordance with pres. decree 346/2001 which has transposed directives 96/26 and 98/76 into the national legislation.

You can find more information in the CITIZENS GUIDE Section

b) Issues concerning the operation of regular intercity transportation services within the country by public buses (PBs) run by KTEL SA or KTEL or individual operators in isolated islands where KTEL is not present, in accordance with law 2963/2001.

It should be noted that KTEL or KTEL SA provide:
Intra-regional intercity bus services in the region where they are based.
Public transport from each regions capital to Athens & Thessaloniki
Other, inter-regional intercity service

c) International road passenger transport (regular occasional) by means of tourist buses

In particular:
Concerning international regular bus services it should be noted that at present (January 2005 update), there are 35 regular bus lines for the following destinations in 10 non-EU countries:

1.Albania (8)
2.Bulgaria (10)
3.Romania (6)
4.Turkey (2)
5.Serbia Montenegro (2)
6.FYROM (2)
7.Moldova (1)
8.Ukraine (1)
9.Russia (2)
10.Georgia (1)

Bus services with non-EU countries are also operated by Greek undertakings (General Tourist Agencies and the Greek Railways), as well as foreign undertakings established in the country of destination.

There are also regular bus lines to EU destinations and more specifically to Italy, Germany, UK, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland.

These lines are operated by Greek (General Tourist Agencies) and foreign undertakings.
Occasional international transports are carried out on the basis of documents issued by the

Passenger Transport Directorate to General Tourist Agencies

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